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Hello Future Farmer

Plug in a 3Node at your home or office, and start generating income by selling peer-to-peer storage and compute capacity to the world.

Take advantage of the growing data economy

125 Zetabytes of compute and storage capacity needs to be connected to meet rising data demands. That number has 21 zeroes!


$800 Billion of revenue is expected for the Internet industry by 2025.


Over 70 Billion new IoT devices are expected to go online by 2025.


Over 1 Billion people are expected to join the digital economy by 2025.

All you need to get started is electricity, a network connection, and a 3Node.

Your capacity will be automatically detected by the OS and registered in the blockchain.

Earn ThreeFold Tokens for connecting and offering planet positive capacity.

As simple as it gets

All you need is electricity, a network connection, and a 3Node to start your farming journey, and start earning.


Plug in your 3Node and take the initial step towards a better Internet for the entire world.