The ThreeFold Grid

Bringing a smart, secure and efficient Internet solution that allows anyone to connect capacity and participate in the Internet economy. An upgrade from today’s centralized data center model.

Join the Peer-to-Peer Internet

With significant storage and compute capacity already available around the globe, the most advanced peer-to-peer network continues to expand.

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Introducing 3Node

3Node is the building block of the ThreeFold Grid and is powered by ThreeFold’s technology. It can host open Internet services, secure enterprise systems, websites, applications and beyond. It runs the world's software via smart contracts and keeps data private to the user.

Meet the 3Node

Fast, Secure & Sustainable

ThreeFold's edge computing solution allows seamless and direct data transportation that guarantees data ownership and access at warp speed in a completely end-to-end encrypted environment.

Revolutionary tech powers the 3Node

The software components installed on 3Nodes allow them to run autonomously on the ThreeFold Grid. Minimizing human involvement makes 3Nodes more secure and reliable.

Zero OS

Zero-OS has been designed from the bottom up, started from scratch from a Linux kernel. It is a stateless and scalable operating system with a lightweight architecture that makes it cost and energy-efficient. Zero-OS eliminates multiple layers of complexity, enabling the delivery compute and storage everywhere, much closer to the source of the hardware.

Zero People

Autonomous IT means self-driving and self-healing. A major efficiency gain comes from removing the human requirement for deploying and operating IT infrastructure and services. Instead, a Smart Contract for IT autonomously handles all the required actions on the ThreeFold Grid. Zero people means no opportunities for human error or malicious intent.

As simple as it gets

Electricity + Network + 3Node = All that you require
to offer your own capacity on a faster, more secure, decentralized and scalable Internet!

PLUG & EARNFarmers earn in TFT's

The ThreeFold Token (TFT) allows farmers to lease out and developers to purchase compute and storage capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.

TFTs are created only when farmers add capacity to the ThreeFold Grid. We call this Proof-of-Capacity.

What are TFT?