Today's Internet is Broken

The Internet is controlled by large corporations. This centralized approach is highly inefficient, extremely costly, and unsustainable. Our data isn't owned by us, and it isn't safe.

Peer-to-peer puts people back in control

Blockchain and edge computing gave birth to the era of decentralization. ThreeFold's peer-to-peer architecture is the next step in that evolution, bringing an extremely simple, super efficient and ultra secure end-to-end environment. This means users have 100% ownership and access rights over their data.

An Internet available to everyone

Only 57% of the world is connected to the Internet today, despite Internet access being a human right. This is not acceptable, as digital access represents a gateway to information, knowledge, and economic opportunities. We bring a more affordable and accessible Internet solution to the world.

A better solution for our planet

The current Internet infrastructure consumes about 10% of the world's energy, much of that power being used to cool down servers in large data centers. This is not needed in a decentralized model. Testing has shown ThreeFold achieves between 50% & 99% power savings when running edge workloads.

A strong community of believers

We are a group of passionate individuals that work, together, towards a common dream - a fair, equal and sustainable Internet available to everyone, everywhere.

Meet the Believers
A strong community of believers